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Protect, Store and Recover Your Data with Veeam Cloud Connect

The 3-2-1 Rule states that you need to keep 3 copies of your data stored on 2 types of media with at least 1 copy offsite. In the past, backing up data offsite involved heavy investments in infrastructure and bandwidth, not to mention an IT team with the capacity to implement, manage and support it.

Now, by utilizing Veeam Cloud Connect managed by Immedion, you can replicate your virtual and physical system backups into Immedion’s Cloud simply and easily – no VPN, network configuration or on-staff IT expertise needed.

Send your backups to the Immedion Cloud.

End-to-End Encryption

Easily send your backups to the Immedion Cloud via protected, end-to-end encryption. Backups are encrypted going both to and from the cloud repository and can be encrypted through Veeam’s tenant portal.

Web-based Console

Have complete visibility into your company’s backup and vaulting options. To verify complete functionality of the solution, our 24/7 team will run through test restores, provide console usage assistance and assist with Cloud Connect setup.

Immedion's Cloud

Guaranteed flexibility, reliability and performance. Backups will be copied and stored in a secure cloud environment and we provide what you need to maintain offsite copies of your critical backups with long-term retention options and Archive Tier storage.

Recover easily with Immedion's Managed Support

Immedion offers the IT expertise to assist you with any testing, maintenance or recovery to your backup. Plus, with 24/7/365 support, restores happen quickly and painlessly.
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